Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Day 7 - Ride Em Cowgirl

Day 7 - Ride Em Cowgirl by Sadie Allison

This book is actually a best seller in our home parties. Informative, illustrated and chock full of new ideas to changes things up the in the bedroom.

This *tasteful* sex-position guidebook shows you how to give (and receive!) extraordinary pleasures. RIDE ‘EM COWGIRL! features fun, motivating narrative by America’s Pleasure Coach Dr. Sadie Allison—along with over 100 inspiring illustrations—to boost your passions to orgasmic new heights. Not another content-lacking pretzel-position book, Dr. Sadie’s breakthrough “upgrades” let you adjust positions you already love to fit your own unique shapes. For new couples as well as longtime lovers, RIDE ‘EM COWGIRL! is as fun and empowering as it is sensual and thrilling.

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