Friday, February 11, 2011

T Minus 2 Days

Just a few more days until Valentine's Day!

A few ideas to make the day a little more memorable and a LOT less stressful:

1. Skip the flowers. Unless its something that she REALLY likes, you aren't doing either of you and favors. Flowers die. And for those with allergies, the pollen isn't so dandy either.
2. Chocolates are nice but... Nowadays everyone is watching their waistline. If you are going to splurge on chocolate make sure its a high end chocolate and in smaller amounts. Godiva, anyone?
3. Lingerie. You love it. We love it. What we love and what you love sometimes overlap. Get a gift certificate and everyone is happy. It's no secret that a woman is a 1000% sexier in something that she is confident in. Whether its an old flannel gown or something consisting of 3 bits of string, how she feels in it is what truly matters.
4. Consider a gift that keeps on giving. Toys can add a new dimension to your relationship. Not sure what to try? We have a toy guide that may help. Or just start out with a nice Innervibe ring to keep things intimate just between you two.

Tune in next week for the top sellers at our Home Parties!