Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Updates from Boudoir Essentials

It has been a hot and steamy summer here at Boudoir Essentials. From a few new products to heat up the already toasty evenings, to titillating research on the science of orgasm, we've been busy behind the scenes.

In our search for useful and fascinating information to pass along, we came across this lovely little morsel:

If you are not already aware of the TED conference, more can be found here.

Check out our newest items!

Smut Volume 2 by is ready for your reading pleasure. Packed with stories and photos to get your heart racing, this newest volume is sure to please.

Passport to Pleasure is designed to bring a 'Round the World experience to your bedroom! Each seduction is sealed to surprise both you and your lover.

Sextivity is our newest game by Lover's Choice. With 36 different activities ranging from Mild to Wild, you can choose the adventure that tickles your fancy.

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