Sunday, December 20, 2009

T minus 4 days - Are you ready?

Four more shopping days until the big day - are you ready? If not, we have just the thing for you. FREE shipping! Just take a quick trip over to Boudoir Essentials and pick out a candle, massager or the Rabbit Habit and get it shipped to you via Priority mail shipping for FREE. (Coupon code FREESHIP at checkout.) Everything comes wrapped in lovely tissue paper and is practically ready for gift giving straight from the box. Plus, when you place your order before noon on Dec 21st you'll receive it in time for Christmas!

Go. Shop. And decide - Who do you want to BE?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Need a little something extra for the tree?

Receive a FREE gift with a purchase of $75 or more!

I Rub My Duckie Travel Size Ornaments!
Purchase $75 or more of goodies and receive the hottest gift to adorn your tree this holiday season.

Gold and pearl Paris ornaments available, colors may vary.

Good Sunday, Dec 13th though Wednesday, Dec 16th. Ornament will automatically be shipped with orders over $75 prior to shipping costs and after applicable discounts.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Soju and Domina Doll

Boudoir Essentials received a wonderful review of the ever so stunning Soju silicone dildo by the lovely Domina Doll. Check it out!

Don't forget, Christmas specials are running now at BE!
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Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Chocolate Tattoos Anyone?

Guest Review of Chocoholics Edible Tattoo set. Enjoy!

We are busy, busy parents. Which means that when we first opened the chocolate tattoo kit, my husband lifted out the container of body frosting and joked about the birthday cupcakes that were due in our son's class. "A real time-saver!" he said, and then pantomimed dipping a knife in the jar.

We joked about it, in fact, for weeks. Because I just couldn't bring myself to open it. With kids at home, the thought of doing an extra load of laundry because our sheets are smeared with frosting is kind of unimaginable. As is the idea of little footsteps arriving to find a parent covered, nakedly, in chocolate. "Oh, hey sweetie! This fondue just totally got away from us…" But then, well, my husband's sweet tooth got the better of us one night--and we had a really, really good time with the body frosting.

Let me say here: it's not that we used the kit exactly as intended. It became immediately apparent, for example, that the stencils were designed with somebody's taut, young skin in mind. So when my husband tried to brush chocolate over the word "hot," he ended up with a series of illegible blobs--deliciously illegible, of course. We were totally cracking each other up, imaging the twenty-year-olds covering each other's firm, hairless bodies with graffiti in praise of youth: "Your abs are so tight!" But still: even if you abandon the stencils, as we did, there is no getting around the fun of brushing your lover with chocolate and licking it off. It is silly at first, but then exciting. It's the novelty that gets you halfway there, and the deep thrill that takes you home. We had a really, really good time with the body frosting.

And yes, it was messy. Our kitten and kids climbed into bed with us in the morning, and the ten-year-old said, "Um, Mom?" and pointed to a long brown streak halfway down the bed. "Oh," I said. "It's not what you think." But then what could I say? "Ask me when you're 16," I said. "I promise I'll tell you."

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amazing Hot Heart Massager & Sensual Massage Balm Review

A new review from our favorite anonymous sexy mama!

It was time to try the Amazing Hot Heart Massager and the Intimate Organics Sensual Massage Balm--but who would get the first turn? "Raise your hand if you're a massage therapist," I said, and my husband, who is a massage therapist, laughed and lit a candle.

Now, I have to say, if you're planning a sensual experience with your partner, then you should actually test the Hot Heart beforehand. Because it is so cool that it's actually distractingly cool. It's a pink-gel-filled vinyl heart--it looks like a romantic ice pack--only when you flex the little metal disk inside of it, the surrounding gel turns white and hard and then these crystals spread, as you watch, to the edges of the heart. It's like a stop-action film of an ice age coming, only in reverse. And there we were, naked in the glow of the candlelight, sitting up to say, "That's so cool!" and "Wow, let me see!" I honestly can't imagine how it works. (Afterwards, you boil it in water and it returns to its cool liquidyness, ready for the next use.)

Anyways, once we got over the Chemistry-101-ness of it, we could concentrate on the job at hand, which was pleasure. Now I will say that I had wondered about this massager. Products from sexy stores that are called "massagers" often turn out to be things you're supposed to stick in here or there or put batteries into, and so I didn't want to be stupid about the Hot Heart and miss out on any of its sexier applications. But I am under the impression that it is a massager in the more traditional sense, kind of like hot stones. (Please--someone correct me if I'm wrong. I'll be embarrassed but glad to know.) My husband laid the Hot Heart on the small of my back, where I enjoyed its delicious warmth, while he scooped up some of the buttery massage balm.

Now, again, the distraction factor kicked in for me. We'd gotten the Sensual Cocoa Bean and Goji Berry fragrance, and holy moly--it smells incredibly edible (it's not). But also like something I couldn't quite put my finger on. In second grade I once had a berry lip gloss that came in a little chocolate-shaped pot, and it smelled kind of like that. Also, it suddenly occurred to me, like these Joyva chocolate-covered Raspberry Jelly Rings that we used to get as kids. This was not the sexiest association--despite the name "Jelly Rings"--and so I kept it to myself.

The combination of the Hot Heart, which my husband slid around from spot to spot, and the absolutely delicious fragrance of the balm was divine. My husband's professional opinion was that the balm was a great product: rich and buttery and perfect. And unprofessional me, lying there in a cloud of cake-scented warmth? I could not have been happier. Or more open to his ideas. The kind of ideas that a professional massage therapist doesn't usually think to share with you.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is YOUR betty ready?

New to Boudoir Essentials - READY betty!
Now you have everything you need to trim, shape and remove your betty! Add a little color with betty beauty and the fall leaves won't be the only changing colors of the season. In addition to the standard colors of black, brown, auburn and blonde, you can also choose wilder colors like purple, orange, red and blue. Surprise your partner today with a READY betty!

Buy both the READY betty kit and a betty beauty color of your choice and receive a 10% discount with coupon code BETTY at checkout.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Rub My Duckie Review

Written from a mom's point of view and humorous to boot, I give you a candid, thumbs up review of the 3 speed I Rub My Duckie :

So, it's a rubber duck. Okay. But there's something strange about it, if you've got kids--something that feels a little wrong, like you're jerking off with your children's bath toys. Or like you're being infantilized at exactly the moment you want to be most grown-up, which was more or less how I felt about the Winnie the Pooh maternity clothes I kept encountering when I was pregnant. You will want to plan on using it with your eyes closed, unless the sight of that innocently smiling poultry face fills you with inexplicable ardor. Or maybe you want to imagine that you're doing it with Ernie from Sesame Street? Go ahead then and keep your eyes open.

The other problem is that, of course, you're children will see it, and possibly even pick it up, and this will also give you a strange feeling. As will hiding it. "Um, Mom, why is there a rubber duck in this shoe box under the bed?" "That's for my work," I said, and because I write for family magazines, this was actually vaguely plausible. Our kitten batted it around for a while too, but this seemed to do it no harm.

Okay, here's my third and last caveat: if you are a busy person with children at home and approximately 5 minutes of privacy a day, you will need to plan on two preparatory sessions with the duck before you even get around to using it. First there's the getting it out of the box. The Boudoir Essentials wrapping is lovely--so pink tissue-papery and special that it's a shame to tear it--but underneath is the plastic container that seems to be both child safe and adult proof. Maybe a special robot could be designed to open it? I ended up tearing at some of the tape with my teeth and cursing. That's day 1. On day 2, you will insert the batteries, and you will actually need a screwdriver for this little procedure. Not to sound excessively girly here, but I had to dig through my husband's tool box trying to figure out which one to use--in part because I was too proud to say, "Honey, can you help me figure out how to unscrew my new vibrating rubber duck tub toy so I can get the batteries in and jerk off while you vacuum the living room?" Suffice it to say: the batteries were inserted. And I read through the instructions, which are oddly cagey. If it's intended to be a sex toy, why so much talk of "neck and shoulders"? Why pretend that you're using a waterproof vibrating duck on your sore muscles? Is it against the law to be explicit? Would it make it so that you couldn't sell it on Amazon? Probably. But it makes you feel extra sleazy that you're going to be getting off while everyone else is simply working on their tight hamstrings.

On day 3, with the kids off to school and 20 minutes left to me before work, I finally ran a bath, added a dollop of a luscious, faintly apple-scented foaming bath gel, and climbed in with the duck. With only vague images of erotic, macabre electrocution (I have watched way too much Six Feet Under), I pressed the duck's back and he hummed into action like an electric toothbrush; given that everyone in my house uses electric toothbrushes, this could be a great alibi if I ever need one. And you know what? It was absolutely lovely. For a person who learned to come with the shower massager in my childhood home, the warm water is deliciously familiar as an erotic environment. And the 3 speeds of vibration, along with the duck's anatomical flexibility (both his head and tail vibrate) make for what I imagine is a something-for-everyone pleaser. I was in a hurry, and so the duck made succinct work of getting me off, though I imagine that one could spend more time with it. But overall I found it to be an excellent, versatile toy--one that I will use a great deal, I imagine, and one that would be fun to take into the shower with my partner.

That said, I could probably leave it on the rim of the bath and nobody would think twice about it. The kids have a million rubber ducks and, come to think of it, a million vibrating toys. We joked all the time about the vibrating bouncy seat they used as babies ("We'll try it after she falls asleep."). But still. Maybe find a special place to keep it? You just don't want to see your kids touching it. Take my word for it.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Updates from Boudoir Essentials

It has been a hot and steamy summer here at Boudoir Essentials. From a few new products to heat up the already toasty evenings, to titillating research on the science of orgasm, we've been busy behind the scenes.

In our search for useful and fascinating information to pass along, we came across this lovely little morsel:

If you are not already aware of the TED conference, more can be found here.

Check out our newest items!

Smut Volume 2 by is ready for your reading pleasure. Packed with stories and photos to get your heart racing, this newest volume is sure to please.

Passport to Pleasure is designed to bring a 'Round the World experience to your bedroom! Each seduction is sealed to surprise both you and your lover.

Sextivity is our newest game by Lover's Choice. With 36 different activities ranging from Mild to Wild, you can choose the adventure that tickles your fancy.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's Summer at BE!

Greetings Beloved Readers!

The sun is out, the temperature is heating up and swimsuit season is officially here. While some of you may not live near a ready and available source of water, that should not deter you from creating LOTS of vacation and stay-cation memories. How better to do that than with 20% off your favorite toys and treasures at the Boutique! From the Sinflut by Fun Factory to Lelo's adorable Nea, we've got all the products to bring a tingle to your toes. And if you are looking for the newest of the new, check out Cecile by LoveMoiselle - a beautifully crafted ceramic piece that you can heat up or chill out depending on your preference.

Don't forget storage and accessories! ToiBocks has you covered with the ToiTissue and the ToiBocks to keep all your treasures well concealed. If you choose a product with batteries, Dead Batteries will power you up with lots of attitude to boot. And One Condoms will keep you covered (in ALL the right places).

Just enter Coupon Code SUMMER at checkout with your order of $25 or more to get your 20% discount! Good through 6/21/09

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Miracole + Chris

Who made their romantic smooch a black tie affair!

Runner Up: Kim + Jo

You are all winners in our book of love!
Click here to see all the romantics who entered this year's contest.

Contest brought to you by Lelo, We Vibe, ToiBocks, Lucy B, Just In Case, Big Teaze Toys, OhMiBod & Boudoir Essentials

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kissing Contest + Free Shipping!

Our 3rd Annual Kissing Contest is up and ready for your photos! Click here to see the rules and where to upload. This contest runs from now until Midnight, Feb 13th with the winners announced via email on Feb 14th, Valentine's Day.

Not only will the happy couple get bragging rights for the year on having the most romantic photo on the web, they will also get a stash of prizes to make even cupid swoon!

Sponsored by Lelo, We-Vibe, Lucy B, ToiBocks , Just In Case and others, you'll have enough to keep the home fires burning well into spring!

And to help cupid along we are offering Free Priority Mail shipping for orders over $50. Just enter coupon code VDAY at checkout. Good through 3/01/09.