Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's chilly outside, how to stay warm inside...

The fall/winter season is upon us, bringing colorful leaves, crisp air and opportunities to warm things up in new and exciting ways. Try out a massage candle! The warm light from the candle sets the mood and the liquified wax makes a wonderful massage oil. Boudoir Essentials offers two brands to choose from with several scents available with each.

bwarm by bswish massage candles are available in three luxurious scents: rose patchouli, figwood or amber. The amazing thing about these candles is the container. Made of a pliable silicone type material, the casing is designed with one long side for pouring. This candle has a very low burn temperature and is very silky smooth when used for massage. The oils absorb slowly into the skin for maximum massage time.

Sex Kitten massage candles are packaged in cute little tins with lids for easy transport for your next weekend getaway. They come in four edible scents: "Meowgasm|Sex on the Beach," "Purrvert|Strawberry," "Divalicious|Chocolate," or "Sexpot|Cherry". Each candle is scented and has a wonderful flavor infused in it, making massage as tasty as it feels!

The next thing to add to your sensual massage experience is the Hot Heart Massager. With a click of the little metal disk inside, it heats up to soothe tired muscles and pairs well with any of our candles or massage oil. Provide your own at home stone massage! Don't forget the best part - its reuseable! Simple boil the massager for 7-10 minutes to reset it and use it again (and again).

Pair a candle with the massager and you've got a wonderful gift idea for under $30.

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