Friday, October 10, 2008

Sex Toy Storage

You've purchased the item that gives you all the excitement you can handle and you dare not throw it into the some common drawer to be lost. What do to?

There are several sex toy storage options available at Boudoir Essentials - find the one right for you.


Looking for a great way to keep your private objects private? Put a ToiBocks in your boudoir! This cherry wood, velvet lined container, disguised as a jewelry box holds your more mentionable valuables in the top tray and hides your more personal valuables in the bottom. A magnetic lock secures the tray from prying eyes. The “key” is cleverly disguised as the maker’s brand and stored under the lid so you won’t lose it. Perfect for anyone who shares their home but doesn’t wish to share their toys.


An equally clever cousin to the Toibocks, the ToiTissue is a multi-function item. Kleenex is stored up top and a hidden compartment slides out to reveal a velvet lined tray for storing your favorite vibe. The ToiTissue does not lock, but it looks so harmless that unless you know what you are looking for, you are not likely to find the tray.

Devine Toy Box

This locking, satin lined box is a delight to the eyes. There are two styles avilable at Boudoir Essentials, pink hearts or urban black. These cases are great for bedside storage that dresses up your decor.

Sex Kitten Storage Pillow

This darling pillow is soft furry black on the outside and when you open it up, it is dramatically light pink satin on the inside. We think the opening is very suggestively sexy, and when zipped up it's very discretely hush-hush. The 12"x12" stash will securely - and decoratively - hold several of your favorite toys, books, condoms, lubes, and extra batteries all in one snuggly spot.

Sugar Sak

New to Boudoir Essentials is the Sugar Sak! Available in Black, Pink and Red and in sizes Large (Black & Red) and X-Large (Hot Pink), these saks have a satin exterior and lint free lined interior. The interior is also coated with Bioshield 75 - an exclusive, invisible EPA approved coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildrew, yeast and viruses in the bag. The Bioshield 75 protects up to 50 washes! (Yes, it is WASHABLE!)

With all of these wonderful choices, how can you settle for anything less?

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