Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lelo - Lust Objectified

What's so great about Lelo?
When it comes to making a truly elegant sensual toy that is designed from a sexual health perspective, Swedish designer Lelo to leads the way. The price of Lelo’s products sometimes cause sticker shock, but this truly is a connoisseur’s line. From those who’ve chosen to go with Lelo we’ve read nothing but positive reviews.

The Lineup - Lelo's lineup consists of: Clitoral stimulators including the shiny & decorative Nea, the satin finish Lily, & the opulent Yva along with the new USB charged Mia, perfect for the girl on the go. Insertable small vibes Liv & g-spot shaped Gigi. Larger vibes Elise & Iris. Kegel execisers Luna Balls. The un-powered Ella shaped for g-spot contact.

Design – While most of us make an effort to hide our toys, you might be surprised how much you’ll *want* to show these off. The sleek lines and appropriate curves are, clearly, well thought out. The controls on all of Lelo’s products are intuitive and easy to access with one hand. The shape and materials cut no corners either, with a mixture of soft-touch and glossy plastic. The construction feels solid and does not rattle like many lower quality vibrating products. Plus all Lelo products are phthalate free.

Rechargeable - All of Lelo’s battery powered products are rechargeable. Plus a short charge (about 2 hours) lasts for 4-6hours! (depending on product) Our green side also likes the idea of less batteries being thrown away.

Dual motors – The two larger vibrators, Elise and Iris wield *two* motors to provide sensations unlike any single motor product. The dual motors are effectively utilized, especially in the surging and pulsing modes as they alternate from one motor to the other.

Locking controls – If you’ve ever packed an electronic device with a power switch in your suitcase you’ve likely encountered “accidental activation.” Lelo prevents this by allowing you to easily lock the buttons for travel or whatever reason you might wish it to be temporarily disabled. This function is explained clearly in the instructions.

Quiet – Lelo makes some of the quietest vibrators on the market. Though they can be heard in a quiet room, they’re about the same volume of a cell phone on vibrate. You’re not likely to wake the neighbors, or anyone in the next room, with this one. The larger products are obviously louder than the smaller ones, but all of them are on the quiet side for their class.

- Each item comes double boxed, a glossy showcase on the outside, and a black, high-density canvas texture box appropriate for storing your elegant item. Open the inner box and you'll find custom molded smoke colored tray with a clear dust cover over the device. Under the tray you'll find the AC adapter for recharging, a satin storage bag with a ribbon drawstring and the instructions/warranty information.

– Lelo backs their products with a 1 year warranty. This is comforting to know when purchasing an item at this price level. In our dealings with Lelo’s team we’ve always been impressed by their professionalism and courtesy, another comforting factor should you ever need to make use of the warranty.

Lelo. Lust objectified. Who wouldn't love them?

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