Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A little french for your Boudoir....

In the past week we have added a few new items to the boutique. There is the SaSi, the WeVibe and a couple of new flavors (chocolate & cherry) under Sex Kitten Massage Candles.

A recently we got a box in that literally had me grinning at the sight of it. Fresh from France, Maison Close. This luxury line of lingerie and accessories is stunning. It really looks as good in person as the photos suggest.

Le Petit Lecon - to help tame those unruly passions. This wooden ruler is in metric and the silky tassel at the end reminds you that its not just for measuring.
Les Poignets D'Amour - cuffs made of lace and satin to confine jealous desire. These lacy cuffs are super comfortable and go straight from a night out on the town to a night in the bedroom.
Le Colin Maillard - to dim the sensation of sight is to heighten that of caress. With lace covering the eyes and long strips of satin to tie with, this gorgeous blindfold does not so much blind as heighten the sensation of touch and dress up the wearer.
Les-Suivez-Moi Jeune Homme - Come, chase me and tie me up. Satin ties that beckon to be used and pair well with Le Colin Maillard.
Le Petit Secret - its not naked enough. If you've ever felt overdressed, Le Petit Secret is for you. Made simply of three bands, all the important areas of consideration are accentuated for your lover.
And from the Louisa line, Serra Taille Waist Cincher and thong. Both of these beautiful pieces will heat up the upcoming cold nights. Made of satin , both the waist cincher and thong exhibit the utmost in quality and design. The Louisa thong has a naughty zipper down the middle to make the most chaste garments decidely ...unchaste.

Boudoir Essentials is proud to announce that we are the only US based website to offer Maison Close! This luxury line comes straight from France and each piece is wrapped in tissue paper and boxed, ready for gift giving.

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