Sunday, March 02, 2008

The REAL Proprietress

Hello Lovelies,

I always said that I preferred to be like "Oz" behind his boudoir curtain. Okay, presumably Oz didn't have a boudoir. Alors! Remember the scene where Dorothy gets her glam makeover after having been on the yellow brick road? Hmmm...all that primping and buffing and buzzing...sorta boudoir-esque, non?

But I digress. With the news of BE going offline for a time, until a fabulous new owner can be found, many of you have said, "What do you look like? Who are you? Who do YOU want to BE?" And we're most flattered. Of course we met some of you at Erotica LA last year and we've been thrilled to have you aboard for the ride. And for those of you who live far and wide...without further adieu...I give you your very own Proprietress and her trusty sidekick Bowie. (btw, you can vote for Bowie in Bissell's MVP contest right now.


P.S. This is a recent photo by an Italian journalist who was writing about BE for an Italian women's holiday. Grazie Iliaria and Stefania!

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