Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rx for His "Man Cold"

Hello Lovelies,

I just watched the hilarious "Man Cold" video on YouTube again. Oh the perils of snifflling sweeties gazing semi-lucidly at their imaginary pearly gates.

It got us to thinking, though, that a better remedy than emergency paramedic treatment - for your sweetie's man cold - might simply be a visit from Nurse Betty. Betty's sole purpose in life is to minister to her man's - umm - cold. Reports from boudoir devotees confirm the efficacy of this technique eliminating the need for everything from grandma's secret chicken soup recipe to Nyquil and beyond.

Flu Season Special: 5 Piece Deluxe Nursie - WAS $60 NOW $45

You'll both thank us in the morning! ;)


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