Saturday, December 15, 2007

E-Gift Certificates. Simple & Sexy.

Rumor has it that holiday Grinches are giving shoppers the heebie-jeebies about buying gift cards and gift certificates. Apparently the aforementioned Grinches have found a way to copy code numbers from gift cards hanging on in-store racks, and then using those codes to help themselves to everything they can get their grubby little hands on.

Boudoir Essentials does offer Gift Certificates for your shopping convenience, and we assure you with 110% confidence that it would be impossible for anyone other than the gift recipient to put it to good use. Why are we different? Well, being an online retailer, each BE Gift Certificate generates a unique code that lives only in our secure database. The Gift Certificate is emailed to your giftee and the only record of that unique code in the "real world" is on their e-certificate sent to their email account.

Best of all, e-Gift Certificates are an ideal solution if you have any concerns about the UPS sleigh delivering your gift in time! You may order an e-Gift Certificate 24/7!! Right up until the very last minute!!

So if you choose to BE Generous this holiday season and purchase a BE Gift Certificate for your special someone, BFF, or everyone in your Mommy & Me club - BE confident that it will be Grinch-proof! You have our BE word on it!
One special shopping tip: If you were hoping to hand-deliver the gift certificate to your giftee but have missed shipping deadlines for a printable version - no need to panic. We recommend emailing the standard e-Gift Certificate to *yourself*and *printing it out for your giftee.* Voila! Crisis averted! Visit BE Generous to order your gift certificate now!

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