Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pre-Order Your Holiday Gifts!

Hello Lovelies,

I realize that Halloween hasn't even come and gone - but I'm so excited about these new thoroughly giftable Holiday items that we simply couldn't contain our enthusiasm one minute longer. All three come from Big Teaze Toys new B3 Luxury line. They're the company that brought I Rub My Duckie and Super Flower Power to your bathrooms, and we think each is a perfect choice for your sexy holiday boudoir. BE One with B3 is their motto - which makes us love them even more.

The B3 Onye and B3 Tuyo come under BTT's new affordable luxury line - again perfect for a holiday boudoir! - and are a design/function home run. They're sexy, sophisticated, and not in the least bit phallic which could put the wrong kind of "kink" into your holiday gift presentation. That said, we can't stop you from getting creative with either one. Nor would we want to! Each style is available in feminine white with pink, or sultry and masculine onyx with black. They really just scream style, don't they? They even come in elegant satin-lined gift boxing that easily competes with the more expensive luxury vibes and toys out there. Again - home run gift giving!

Next up is the adorable little Paris Duck - this time all dressed up in winter white - and travel sized for easy stocking stuffing or slipping in to a larger gift box as a little something extra. Just like her older bigger cousins, she has a Swarovski crystal on her beak and a removeable maribou collar. Naturally she's a vibrating waterproof girl. Cute, cute, cute!

We recommend reserving your B3 Onye, B3 Tuyo, or mini Paris White by emailing Then put them on your BE Wish List - be sure to email that list to your sweetie so they don't waste their time shopping for a new fuzzy sweater at the mall!


FREE GROUND SHIP on orders of $75 - now through Dec. 15th, 2007

Holidays are coming! Pre-Order your affordably elegant B3 Tuyo and B3 Onye.
Generous: Visit our Gift section for romantic gift ideas and sexy stocking stuffers.

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