Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New! Sexy Excerpts From Sexy Authors

Hello Lovelies,
Today is the first installment of our new "Sexy School". Periodically we'll bring you an excerpt from a book title in our
BE Sexpert category. From intruction to erotica - we'll give you a little taste to whet your appetite for more. And the best news? We'll take 10% off that title for a limited time.

And now - without further adieu - on to the good stuff!

The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn - By Violet Blue
(as seen in Oprah's O Magazine)

The secret is out: Women watch porn. A recent study found that one in three viewers of porn is a woman. Millions of women enjoy porn as part of their self-defined healthy sexual lifestyles--even more than use sex toys. In The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn, acclaimed sex educator Violet Blue tells women how to find porn they'll like, from favorite turn-ons and women-friendly DVDs (note: try Candida Royalle's titles) to podcasts and porn groups on the Web. She shows how to reconcile fantasy with real-life desires, and how smart girls can maintain their own beauty standards when the people on screen seem impossibly buff, smooth, and surgically enhanced. Looking for authentic sex scenes? Thinking of sharing porn with a lover? Wonder which browser is safest for Internet porn surfing? The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn has the answers.

"Violet Blue has done her usual outstanding job of collecting and disseminating information on nearly every facet of this complex subject. Worth reading, worth buying, worth keeping!" --Mike Ostrowski, Correspondent, Playboy

Introduction: The Smart Girls' Porn Club

I have a confession to make: I never went to journalism school to become a porn critic. While I'd had a few experiments wiht boyfriends and made some hasty rental decisions, with mixed results, I hadn't really thought of porn as being something that one would evaluate in a critical context, as in good vs. bad. Much like the words smart phone and comfortable flight, the concept of putting words good an porn together in one meaningful sentence seemed like a contradiction in terms. One thing is for sure: when they asked me to become a porn reviewer at my job eight years ago, I jumped at the chance because it gave me the opportunity to watch porn for a living. I wasn't picked for the job because I like going to work in my bunny slippers. Nor even because I like porn. (I do.) No one knows for sure how one becomes a pro porn pundit and female porn reviewer, but one thing's for certain: I do it because I enjoy explicit sexual imagery. When it's good it turns me on. And I've learned over the years that an awful lot of women are like me in that respect. Despite what anyone says about women and . . .(buy the book and read the rest!)

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