Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dr. Ava's Loveology University®

Hello Lovelies,

Have you visited BE's Sexpert Tips page? You'll find some great articles by Dr. Ava Cadell, Dr. Ruth, and a handy link back to our humble little blog. In addition to the wisdom Dr. Ava has graciously shared with BE, she recently launched Loveology University. Read on for details and then consider becoming a certified Loveologist! Read on . . .

Christened The Martha Stewart of Intimacy, by the press, Hollywood's Dr. Ava is a media therapist to the stars, author of seven books and a speaker who has lectured on romance, relationships, love, and human sexuality all over the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia for Fortune 500 companies, medical institutes, women’s organization and colleges.

Founder of the Loveology University® On-line University of Love Coaching, Dr. Ava has taken on the role as mentor to share her vast knowledge with students who will become Certified Loveologists.
“I want to pass on all of the valuable information I have learned from schools I’ve attended and global workshops I have given. This is the best way to guarantee my mission to promote the benefits of healthy love and intimacy around the world.”

Dr. Ava first came up with the term ‘Loveology’ when certain TV shows and networks refused to display her title Chiron as ‘Sexologist’ because they were afraid the word ‘Sex’ would offend their viewers and advertisers. It became apparent there was a need for a new word that was going to be acceptable to all audiences, so Dr. Ava trademarked Loveologist and defines it as
someone who studies the science of love.

LU’s mission is to share positive and accurate information with respect to love, relationships, intimacy and sexuality through courses, programs and products that can enrich and empower relationships. LU offers students the opportunity to advance in the field of sexual health, personal development and love coaching while implementing strategies so that graduates will gain the skills and character essential for supporting clients and creating healthy fulfilling love lives. LU is available to anyone anywhere who wants to empower themselves through knowledge.

Knowledge equals Power, Sexual Knowledge equals Sexual Satisfaction!Dr. Ava says, “I believe in celebrating our second basic instinct; sexuality, right after self-preservation, which is our first basic instinct. Sex and intimacy are the greatest gifts to give someone who is worthy of it. Here at the Loveology University® we urge people to open up their minds and hearts and give them permission to explore boundaries of what is acceptable so that we can edify and create the kind of fulfilling love we all yearn for. Learning to give and receive love is truly the meaning of life.”

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