Friday, September 28, 2007

Reviews + Feedback

Hello Lovelies,

We are truly humbled by how many of you have shared your good wishes, encouragement, and thanks via our petite Customer Survey! We are definitely feeling the love and that just warms us up all over. :) And if you haven't take the Fall survey yet, it's open through October 15th. It's speedy quick and we'll treat you to a little discount code upon completion. Click here to take it now.
Rest assured that we read each and every survey and we will do our best to incorporate all of your suggestions.

For example, in our Spring survey many of you asked for a customer review mechanism within the product pages. Voila! It's there and super easy to use. Just log in using your BE account name (go ahead and use that sexy alias you've been itching to try out) and rate any product with stars and/or comments. Share your experiences with us and the world!

Follow these links to some of the reviews people have posted to see what yours will look like. Review #1 Sample Review #2 Sample

Essentially Yours,

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Daily Candy Feature of OhMiBod

Hello Lovelies,

Hooray! The fab ladies of Daily Candy have discovered the booty quake deliciousness of the one and only OhMiBod. If you haven't heard what all the fuss is about click here to see for yourself.

Like anything else, there are imitations out there. Pretenders to the throne. But make no mistake, there's only one OhMiBod and this is it.

While some of you may prefer getting busy to Top 40, and others to hip hop, and still others to show tunes (yes, we know you're out there!), my two favorrite personal preferences are OhMiBod'ing to Radiohead and Muse. One thing is certain: one session with your OhMiBod and your iTunes playlists will need some serious updating given its new mission of personal pleasure!

Essentially Yours,

P.S. What's on your OhMiBod playlist??
FREE GROUND SHIP on orders of $75 - now through Dec. 15th, 2007
Holidays are coming! Pre-Order your affordably elegant B3 Tuyo and B3 Onye.
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Superstores vs. BE Experience + Special Orders

Hello Lovelies,

Whether you're shopping for office supplies or groceries, you'll find Superstore chains and neighborhood shops who are able to meet your needs. The "big boys" carry loads and loads of products while the neighborhood shops and boutiques make personalized thoughtful choices about the items they present to you.

If you're new to the BE experience, or even if you've been shopping with us for a while, we want to assure you that we are as approachable as your favorite shop in middle of town. The one that doesn't overwhelm your senses with "too many notes" (any film buffs out there catch the "Amadeus" reference?) The one with the helpful sales clerk who always knows exactly the right product for you. The one that wraps everything up a pretty little package. That's Boudoir Essentials! And that's how we're different than those big, scary, impersonal stores.

Just like that favorite neighborhood boutique, Boudoir Essentials is happy to accomodate special orders. That's right! If you see something somewhere that we don't appear to carry - AND you know you really want it to arrive with that "specialty store" feeling you've come to ejnoy - let us know and we'll do our very best to track it down and deliver it right to your door. Maybe you just want something in a different color? Or maybe you want a different size? Don't hesitate to contact one of our talented BE associates to make your request.

"How do I do that?" you ask. Choose any of these three easy options: 1) Toll-Free at 877-4BE-TOYS 2) email: 3) Use the Live Help feature accessible from most pages throughout the site. Then tell us what item you simply must have and we'll go from there!

Essentially Yours,

FREE GROUND SHIP on orders of $75 - now through Dec. 15th, 2007
Holidays are coming! Pre-Order your affordably elegant B3 Tuyo and B3 Onye.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New! Sexy Excerpts From Sexy Authors

Hello Lovelies,
Today is the first installment of our new "Sexy School". Periodically we'll bring you an excerpt from a book title in our
BE Sexpert category. From intruction to erotica - we'll give you a little taste to whet your appetite for more. And the best news? We'll take 10% off that title for a limited time.

And now - without further adieu - on to the good stuff!

The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn - By Violet Blue
(as seen in Oprah's O Magazine)

The secret is out: Women watch porn. A recent study found that one in three viewers of porn is a woman. Millions of women enjoy porn as part of their self-defined healthy sexual lifestyles--even more than use sex toys. In The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn, acclaimed sex educator Violet Blue tells women how to find porn they'll like, from favorite turn-ons and women-friendly DVDs (note: try Candida Royalle's titles) to podcasts and porn groups on the Web. She shows how to reconcile fantasy with real-life desires, and how smart girls can maintain their own beauty standards when the people on screen seem impossibly buff, smooth, and surgically enhanced. Looking for authentic sex scenes? Thinking of sharing porn with a lover? Wonder which browser is safest for Internet porn surfing? The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn has the answers.

"Violet Blue has done her usual outstanding job of collecting and disseminating information on nearly every facet of this complex subject. Worth reading, worth buying, worth keeping!" --Mike Ostrowski, Correspondent, Playboy

Introduction: The Smart Girls' Porn Club

I have a confession to make: I never went to journalism school to become a porn critic. While I'd had a few experiments wiht boyfriends and made some hasty rental decisions, with mixed results, I hadn't really thought of porn as being something that one would evaluate in a critical context, as in good vs. bad. Much like the words smart phone and comfortable flight, the concept of putting words good an porn together in one meaningful sentence seemed like a contradiction in terms. One thing is for sure: when they asked me to become a porn reviewer at my job eight years ago, I jumped at the chance because it gave me the opportunity to watch porn for a living. I wasn't picked for the job because I like going to work in my bunny slippers. Nor even because I like porn. (I do.) No one knows for sure how one becomes a pro porn pundit and female porn reviewer, but one thing's for certain: I do it because I enjoy explicit sexual imagery. When it's good it turns me on. And I've learned over the years that an awful lot of women are like me in that respect. Despite what anyone says about women and . . .(buy the book and read the rest!)

Dr. Ava's Loveology University®

Hello Lovelies,

Have you visited BE's Sexpert Tips page? You'll find some great articles by Dr. Ava Cadell, Dr. Ruth, and a handy link back to our humble little blog. In addition to the wisdom Dr. Ava has graciously shared with BE, she recently launched Loveology University. Read on for details and then consider becoming a certified Loveologist! Read on . . .

Christened The Martha Stewart of Intimacy, by the press, Hollywood's Dr. Ava is a media therapist to the stars, author of seven books and a speaker who has lectured on romance, relationships, love, and human sexuality all over the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia for Fortune 500 companies, medical institutes, women’s organization and colleges.

Founder of the Loveology University® On-line University of Love Coaching, Dr. Ava has taken on the role as mentor to share her vast knowledge with students who will become Certified Loveologists.
“I want to pass on all of the valuable information I have learned from schools I’ve attended and global workshops I have given. This is the best way to guarantee my mission to promote the benefits of healthy love and intimacy around the world.”

Dr. Ava first came up with the term ‘Loveology’ when certain TV shows and networks refused to display her title Chiron as ‘Sexologist’ because they were afraid the word ‘Sex’ would offend their viewers and advertisers. It became apparent there was a need for a new word that was going to be acceptable to all audiences, so Dr. Ava trademarked Loveologist and defines it as
someone who studies the science of love.

LU’s mission is to share positive and accurate information with respect to love, relationships, intimacy and sexuality through courses, programs and products that can enrich and empower relationships. LU offers students the opportunity to advance in the field of sexual health, personal development and love coaching while implementing strategies so that graduates will gain the skills and character essential for supporting clients and creating healthy fulfilling love lives. LU is available to anyone anywhere who wants to empower themselves through knowledge.

Knowledge equals Power, Sexual Knowledge equals Sexual Satisfaction!Dr. Ava says, “I believe in celebrating our second basic instinct; sexuality, right after self-preservation, which is our first basic instinct. Sex and intimacy are the greatest gifts to give someone who is worthy of it. Here at the Loveology University® we urge people to open up their minds and hearts and give them permission to explore boundaries of what is acceptable so that we can edify and create the kind of fulfilling love we all yearn for. Learning to give and receive love is truly the meaning of life.”

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

JUST IN CASE® Hits the Runway on OPRAH

Hello Lovelies,

We've always known the fantabulous mother/daughter duo of Just in Case are as smart as they are stylish. And now Oprah and Vera Wang agree! Don't you just love the sistahs doin' it for themselves?

The Mother/Daughter founders of JUST IN CASE® hit the runway on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW September 14th.

September 2007, Los Angeles, CA. Where are the JIC founders, Marsha Bartenetti and Rachael Sudul, when they’re not spreading the word about their product
JUST IN CASE® – the first chic condom compact for women?

This week they will be on the runway showcasing Vera Wang’s new Simply Vera line of clothing for Kohl’s Department store on The Oprah Winfrey Show this Friday September 14th! The clothing line spans generations…and the two had the times of their lives!

“This was a far cry from the normal day to day business of running Just In Case!” says Bartenetti.

“The clothes were fabulous and I must say it was the best way to see Chicago for the first time!” added Sudul.

So is modeling in their future? “Well if Oprah called again, I’m sure we would, but I think we’ll stick to what we do best… spreading the word about empowering women to take care of themselves… one beautiful condom compact at a time!”

This mother-daughter team is also making waves with their line of condom compacts off the runway and will be featured in the Kenneth Cole gift tote for VIP’s attendees of the amfAR Rocks event in New York September 18th.

And as they say it best…Love Well. Love Wisely.®

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The #1 Boudoir Essential - LINGERIE

Hello Lovelies,
Want a sneak peek at our new lingerie offerings? Want a petite preview? Well because you were clever enough to find this post - you saucy little minx! - you've got a head start on what we're putting together for you. Keep in mind that we'll be adding more styles and descriptions over the course of the next few days and weeks, but some secrets are just too hard to keep. From glamour sexy, to retro sexy, to vinyl sexy - we've got you covered so you can get busy getting UNcovered. No need to thank us. That's just how we are. Delivering all the Essentials for your Boudoir!

Click here to view the collection and let us know what you think! And be sure to add your favorite styles to your BE Wish List so you can drop a little gift hint to your sweetie. Oh, and don't forget to click on New at BE for the latest additions to our other spicy boudoir essentials.
Last but not least, we're celebrating the launch of our newest category by givig YOU a gift. That's right. We'll send you a FREE GIFT with any NEW LINGERIE that you purchase before October 15th, 2007. (One per customer Ladies.)


Monday, September 03, 2007

Vibratex + Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello Lovelies, As some of you are aware, Boudoir Essentials has always been a supporter of breast cancer related charities. Everyone knows someone who has been touched by this disease so I'd like to personally thank all those who have purchased a HINT MINT Breast Cancer Awareness Tin. Every little bit helps!
Here's another way to help in the fight! Our lovely friend Shay Martin of the world-famous Vibratex is participating in an upcoming 3 Day Walk to eradicate breast cancer. Not just as a fundraiser but as a survivor as well! Considering all the pleasure and joy Shay and Vibratex bring to the world, perhaps some of you may consider pledging a few dimes to her walking team. Read on for a personal note from Shay.

Essentially Yours,

Subject: Shay Martin from Vibratex says Help Me Fight Breast Cancer!

Hello Everyone,

I'm asking everyone to support me in a cause which important to me - Wiping out Breast Cancer. As a recent survivor, I've discovered that there are so many people affected one way or another by this terrible disease. Whether is it a mother, sister, daughter, business associate or friend (including men as well!) who are afflicted, everyone seems to know someone who has dealt with it. Wouldn't it be great if there was something more positive associated with cancer that connected us all together?! One way to achieve that, is by helping me to raise funds to eradicate breast cancer. .

Amanda Norton (my volleyball partner and best support buddy) and I will be walking 60 miles in 3 days to raise money for breast cancer research, treatment, screening and
also programs for underprivileged women. Our team name is "Volleyballers Spike out Breast Cancer!". Many of you who know me, know that volleyball is one of my passions. With your donation, you will be with me in spirit during the fund raising event (much easier on your feet than mine). Together we can make a huge difference!

Please go to website and donate at my web page today! An anonymous donor has graciously offered to match the donations I receive by September 30th. So this is a great opportunity to make your donation doubly powerful. Your donation is tax deductible.

click on donate - make a donation
click on the San Diego location (at bottom of the list on the left)
enter in my name - Shay Martin
click on my name when it comes up
check out my web page and our team web page
make a donation and feel good about helping!

Thank you very much for reading this long email and hopefully supporting my cause!!

Warmest wishes,