Monday, July 02, 2007

Review: Silk Touch Egg Vibe

Hello Lovelies,
Had your eggs this morning? ;) Were they farm fresh or silky to the touch like the Silk Touch Egg Vibe? Ours were scrambled with a bit of cheese if you must know.
Check out what the ladies of Feminist Review had to say about this little egg. We try super hard to paint an honest picture of the products in our boudoir, but it's always nice to have an impartial review from someone who appreciated their new toy. So we're sharing the news with you. Enjoy...and then get yourself a new egg!
Essentially Yours,

Sea foam green and shaped like soft serve ice cream, this vibrator has five different settings that hum, pulse and beat little morse code pleasures. The tear drop control fits into the average palm perfectly, so there’s no awkward fumbling while trying to heighten the fun, unless (like me) you roll over the on/off switch while in the throes of pleasure.
The smooth plastic feel doesn’t require lubrication until penetration, but, then again, this vibrator’s main buzz is on the clit. Ideal for solo or partner use, GrrlToyz has created a user-friendly toy that does its duty for a fair price ($19.99). Though the Silk Touch Egg Vibe doesn’t get high marks for aesthetics or battery-type (tracking down AAA’s proved challenging in DC, perhaps only because Laura Bush is rumored to have a sex toy collection that would rival Annie Sprinkle’s), it is easy to clean (vibrator and control detach), provides five choices for those raised on fast food value menus (I like option #2, personally) and is innocuous enough to unassumingly fit into purses and night bags (managers at work are none the wiser).
The flex-cord is perfect for couple play, giving control to both partners. The Silk Touch Egg Vibe is now a continuous presence on my nightstand.

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