Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paris at Erotica LA

Hello Lovelies,

No, not that Paris! But Paris the vibrating pink rubber duckie who will be on display at our Erotica LA booth, June 22-24 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Truthfully, could your bathtime get any more girly? Answer: no!

We think this little babydoll pairs nicely with Paris, and with our sassy BE boudoir booth models who will be wearing this marabou trimmed number. Just like Paris duckie's marabou collar. How could anyone resist a sexy touchable combo like this?

Are you beginning to see what our booth might be like? Well stop wondering and vow to pick up some tickets via - and then visit us at ELA. Booth #1124 on the Grand Isle. . .as you already know. :)

Essentially Yours,


Anonymous said...

Totally cute. Do you sell lingerie, too?

Who do you want to BE? said...

We are launching our lingerie category this August, including this cute little pink babydoll. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you'll get the official news hot off the press.