Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Erotica LA Pics are Here!

Proprietress says, "Welcome!"

The BE Convention Boudoir

Ummmmm..... Work it girls!

An island of sassy sex kitten - graced with our BE babes. Look! Proprietress loving on Darling Nikki.

Those buns actually bent the paddle! And we're pretty sure he enjoyed that little spanking.

Erotic shopping with the girls. They only look innocent. . . the toys, I mean!

The "Pornitentiary" was just beyond our little haven, the boys of Glassex were next door, and Zumanity across the aisle. Good times!

Quite the fetching ensemble, no? Arrr, Jack stopped by to plunder and pillage, as it were. :)

1 comment:

Sexymom7 said...

You girls were the most tasteful booth there. I love my new daisy. And you were right about it only looking innocent.