Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vibrators are Good, Clean Fun

Hello Lovelies,

We get a lot of questions around here about sex toys - vibrators in particular. And we hear a lot of women looking for a simple way to explain to their partners who stumble onto the bedside toy that a vibrator is in no way a replacement for anything they experience together.

I came across this fantastic little video clip from Men's Health that should calm any fears or doubts your man may have about you and your favorite vibrator. Frankly, we couldn't have said it better ourselves, so click here for a handy primer on reminding him that he's still your one and only!

Oh, and the fingertip vibes they mention...? They're just some of the many items you'll find on BE. Click to see the Fukuoku 9000 or the Discreet Finger Sleeve.

Essentially Yours,

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