Sunday, April 15, 2007

New at BE!

Hello Lovelies,

Spring has sprung! And we've got a little extra spring in our step, too. We're feeling so darned perky since we've started exchanging our sweaters for cute little t-shirts and skirts, that we just had to fill the boudoir with new goodies.

Log on to Boudoir Essentials and click on New at BE for the latest and greatest additions to pleasure time. Flirty Super Flower Powers, a fantastic opportunity for creative playtime with an edible Body Icing Kit, and some colorful erection rings are among the fun finds that say "goodbye winter" and "hello spring"! And don't forget to visit BE Deals when you shop by price. That's where you'll find mind-boggling offers on super sexy Lelo and JimmyJane vibes.

Essentially Yours,

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