Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dr. Ruth says GET SOME at BE!

Hello Lovelies,

Have a question for Dr. Ruth? Need some good solid advice from a timeless professional? Dr. Ruth to the rescue!

As her fantastic Web site says, she wants you to "get some", whether it's good advice or good sex. Age isn't a factor, just a willingness to learn. If you haven't visited her site yet we think you'll really enjoy your visit there.

Oh, and while you're peeking at the truly fun daily "Tips from the Lips" (doesn't that just make you want to giggle?) for your daily dose of "getting some", be sure to see her recent posts on Boudoir Essentials and some of the products you'll find inside our boudoir. The flirty perfect for spring Super Flower Power and the always be prepared Just in Case II condom compact.

Essentially Yours,

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