Thursday, February 22, 2007

We've Opened Pandora's Box

Hello Lovelies,

It's here! Pandora has arrived! The fabulous G-spot and P-spot (P is for Prostate) toy is here and waiting to go home with you. We rarely rave about a toy, but frankly, Vibratex has been cooking up some delicious new toy recipes that deserve some praise and attention, and Pandora is among them. Originally designed as a prostate stimulator, women soon discovered that the unique pliability of the premium silicone, the shape, and the 7 vibrating functions made for perfect G-spot stimulation as well. 2 for the price of 1.

Apparently Sue Johanson agrees that it's magic because she gave this little gem a major thumbs up on last week's episode.

The second addition to the Vibratex collection at BE is the Snugglepuss. She just snuggles right up to you and delivers on her promise to snuggle your - um - puss. Yes, we had to say it. We predict Snugglepuss will become a BE best seller for her hands-free vibrational fun. A truly unique toy that may look a little odd, but is right up there in the dual stimulation hall of fame. Did we mention that you can actually wear this while walking around the house? Let us know how Snugglepuss improves your daily chores. :)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They weren't kidding when they say "purr-fect pleasure"! A bit 'odd' at first, this little snuggly toy was a great enhancement to my well deserved
self pleasuring moment... and as an added bonus, it was a nice loooooong 'moment' if you know I what I mean!... MeoW!