Saturday, February 03, 2007

Topco Products Warranty Program

Hello Lovelies,

Here's some news we thought you could use! Topco Sales has announced a new warranty program.

If you purchase a Topco product from Boudoir Essentials, be sure register your new electronic toy at will automatically activate your thirty-day limited warranty, valid from the date of purchase and covers any mechanical manufacturer defects. Topco Sales will replace damaged or defective items quickly and efficiently.

Product registration is a fairly new part of the adult novelty industry...but Topco Sales has decided to set the bar higher when it comes to quality control.
USA Plastics site was officially launched on Jan. 15 and includes a FAQ section allowing users to quickly address product questions or concerns. The new warranty program does not apply to products purchased outside the United States or in Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama or Tennessee.

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