Saturday, January 27, 2007

Valentine's Day Blues? Love Thy Self!

My dearest Lovelies -

Two studies recently caught my attention. One is a nice piece of validation for all the fabulous single gals out there. The other seems to contradict the empowering message of the first.

The first revealed that 51% of women in the U.S. are living single. It's a technicality of course because those same women could be living with a significant other or in a long-term relationship without a marriage contract. The message however is clear: gone are the days when women were stigmatized with a scarlett S for singleton, and the numbers now reflect what single gals everywhere have known for a long time. They're living their lives to the very best of their abilities. They work hard. Play hard. And love enormously when it's the right person. They rock!

The second study discussed a phenomenon known as the Valentine's Day Blues. The results of this study are not surprising: adults - BOTH MEN AND WOMEN - who do not receive special attention related to Valentine's Day tend to be more distressed following the holiday than do those who receive gifts, cards or other gestures of affection. The confluence of societal and commercial pressure to participate in Valentine's Day creates a level of stress which can be emotionally exhausting.

So while we've been paying a considerable amount of Valentine attention to BE gals and guys with our 1st Annual Kissing Contest, we have not forgotten our single friends out there - clearly over 1/2 the population! And just in case all those DeBeers commercials have you feeling glum, we'd like to remind you that:

You're fabulous.

You're talented.

You're witty.

You're gorgeous.

You're interesting.

You're delightful.

You're selfless.

You're caring.

You're HOT!


Love thyself this Valentine's Day. Embrace you! Give yourself a big hug and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated. Start with some candles and a good book, and see where that leads! Oh, you may want to spread some love with a heart expanding charitable donation with just a small purchase of HINT MINTs. We heart you!


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