Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tips for Sexy Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Hello Lovelies -

Cupid popped by earlier today and was very concerned that some of the gents out there hadn't gotten his how-to memo on sexy Valentine's Day gift giving. He was inconsolable - vaguely reminiscent of some Valentine's Day debacles we'd rather not recall at the moment - and promised we would do our best to help point his arrows in the right direction. We wiped his little tears, fed him some sweets (we always have some dark chocolate on hand), and prepared this missive for you pronto!

1. Don't wait until the last minute.
2. This is the perfect holiday to exercise your creative side.
3. Flowers wilt, chocolate melts, a night of sexy romantic passion lasts forever!

BE wants to make it even easier for you to get all the brownie points you deserve this Valentine's Day. Start fanning the flames early by choosing an item you think she may like, then share it with her via our Tell-A-Friend feature. Ohhhh we feel the heat already!

From mild to wild, romantic to luxurious, or Naughty & Nice we have something for everyone! Step inside our boutique and let the games begin!


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