Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Playboy Radio & Bunny Love

Just a reminder!
Listen in or call in if you want to play with me and the girls!

Hello Lovelies! BE's Proprietress is honored and feeling all fluttery about our upcoming guest appearance on Playboy Radio's "Night Calls", this Thursday, February 8th. The show airs on satellite radio SIRIUS, Playboy Radio Channel 198.

We'll be chatting with hostesses Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon about the Boudoir Essentials 1st Annual Kissing Contest, and of course we'll be bringing a big box of toys for the girls to play with.

Okay, here's the best part! You're all invited to call in and join the conversation. The more the merrier! Dial toll free at 877-205-9796 between 6pm-7pm PST.


Tips for Sexy Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Hello Lovelies -

Cupid popped by earlier today and was very concerned that some of the gents out there hadn't gotten his how-to memo on sexy Valentine's Day gift giving. He was inconsolable - vaguely reminiscent of some Valentine's Day debacles we'd rather not recall at the moment - and promised we would do our best to help point his arrows in the right direction. We wiped his little tears, fed him some sweets (we always have some dark chocolate on hand), and prepared this missive for you pronto!

1. Don't wait until the last minute.
2. This is the perfect holiday to exercise your creative side.
3. Flowers wilt, chocolate melts, a night of sexy romantic passion lasts forever!

BE wants to make it even easier for you to get all the brownie points you deserve this Valentine's Day. Start fanning the flames early by choosing an item you think she may like, then share it with her via our Tell-A-Friend feature. Ohhhh we feel the heat already!

From mild to wild, romantic to luxurious, or Naughty & Nice we have something for everyone! Step inside our boutique and let the games begin!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

BE Hearts INDIE 103.1

Rolling Stone calls INDIE 103.1 the coolest radio station in America. And we very respectfully agree! This is an official shout out to all INDIE listeners who have visited BE since learning about our fabulous Valentine's Day goodies.

And of course to Traci, Austin, TK, Full Metal Jackie, Suicide Girls, Shadoe, Jonesy and everyone else at INDIE. BE Hearts YOU!


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Valentine's Day Blues? Love Thy Self!

My dearest Lovelies -

Two studies recently caught my attention. One is a nice piece of validation for all the fabulous single gals out there. The other seems to contradict the empowering message of the first.

The first revealed that 51% of women in the U.S. are living single. It's a technicality of course because those same women could be living with a significant other or in a long-term relationship without a marriage contract. The message however is clear: gone are the days when women were stigmatized with a scarlett S for singleton, and the numbers now reflect what single gals everywhere have known for a long time. They're living their lives to the very best of their abilities. They work hard. Play hard. And love enormously when it's the right person. They rock!

The second study discussed a phenomenon known as the Valentine's Day Blues. The results of this study are not surprising: adults - BOTH MEN AND WOMEN - who do not receive special attention related to Valentine's Day tend to be more distressed following the holiday than do those who receive gifts, cards or other gestures of affection. The confluence of societal and commercial pressure to participate in Valentine's Day creates a level of stress which can be emotionally exhausting.

So while we've been paying a considerable amount of Valentine attention to BE gals and guys with our 1st Annual Kissing Contest, we have not forgotten our single friends out there - clearly over 1/2 the population! And just in case all those DeBeers commercials have you feeling glum, we'd like to remind you that:

You're fabulous.

You're talented.

You're witty.

You're gorgeous.

You're interesting.

You're delightful.

You're selfless.

You're caring.

You're HOT!


Love thyself this Valentine's Day. Embrace you! Give yourself a big hug and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated. Start with some candles and a good book, and see where that leads! Oh, you may want to spread some love with a heart expanding charitable donation with just a small purchase of HINT MINTs. We heart you!


Embrasse Moi!

C'est fantastique! We love Paris in the springtime...well any time really! Not only for birthing the "boudoir" but for French films, wine, the Seine, cafes...

And now we have even more reason to feel all warm and fuzzy about the world's most romantic city. French blog has posted our Kissing Contest! Several sexy French couples have submitted entries of their romantic smooches. Check them out here, and then enter one of you and your sweetie! Viva La France et Joyeuse St. Valentin! ;)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Marie Claire & Esquire: Sex Survey Results

You may have heard that Marie Claire and Esquire magazines conducted a How We Have Sex Now opposed to how we had it in previous eras. Some of the stats seemed predictable, and naturally some were a bit of a surprise. So just in case you missed the revealing news, we're sharing it with you here. Where do you fit in? How do these stats stack up against your reality? We'd love to hear back from YOU with your thoughts. We know you want to :) Read on...

The act is as old as mankind itself—but Internet porn and the sex swing are significantly newer. So Esquire teamed up with Marie Claire magazine to commission a candid, modern survey of America's sexual habits, desires, and taboos. Here, the salacious data…

How many times a week do you have sex?

5 times or less 90%

6 to 9 times 5%

10 times or more 5%

On average 2.6 times


5 times or less 94%

6 to 9 times 5%

10 times or more 2%

On average 2.3 times

Single men in monogamous relationships have a lot more sex than married men (4.5 times versus 2.7 times per week, or 66% more). The more money men make, the more sex they have, but the men who have the most sex—more than 15 times a week—make less than $100,000 a year.
What are you using in bed?
Vibrator 48%
Food 46%
Restraints or handcuffs 35%
Blindfold 30%
Butt plug or anal beads 17%
Whip 14%
Gag 12%
Sex swing or the "Wedge" 10%

How long are you waiting for it?

The average number of dates before having sex is 3 for men and 5 for women.

Men are more likely to have waited until marriage to have sex: 14% say they waited, while only 9% of women held out.

What's the longest you've gone without it?

Men's average: 19 months

Women's average: 16 months

35% of both men and women have gone without sex for more than 1 year, and 13% of men and 7% of women have gone without it for 5 years or more.

How many partners have you had in your lifetime?

Men's average: 14

Women's average: 11

About 40% of men and women have had fewer than 5 partners in their lifetime; 10% of men and 5% of women have had 50 or more partners.

How often do you pleasure yourself?

Men: 4.9 times per week

Women: 2.8 times per week
15% of men have paid for sex (and another 10% say they'd try it); only 1% of women have done so.

Are you more willing to sacrifice sex or sleep?

61% of women say they'd rather lose sex.

65% of men would rather give up sleep.

When stressed, women are less likely to want sex—about half of men feel the same way.

The Act
What do you want more of?

Women:Erotic massage Runner-up: Kissing
Men: Blow jobs Runner-up: Erotic massage

32% of men want more anal sex; only 6% of women agree—the biggest disparity of any act.

What are your favorite positions?

Women: Missionary (31%), with doggy style a close second (27%)

Men: Doggy style (31%), followed by woman on top (29%)

Least favorite positions:

Women: Reverse cowgirl (only 2% said it was their favorite)

Men: Tie, reverse cowgirl and spooning (5%)

Republican men prefer the woman on top; Democrats prefer doggy style.

What are your biggest fears when having sex with someone for the first time?


1. HIV

2. My performance

3. STD (other than HIV)

4. Pregnancy

5. Emotional entanglement

6. The wrath of God

7. Partner's performance


1. HIV

2. STD (other than HIV)

3. Pregnancy

4. My performance

5. Emotional entanglement

6. The wrath of God

7. Partner's performance

1 in 4 men and women say HIV is their biggest fear when having sex for the first time with a new partner, yet nearly the same percentage say they never use a condom when having sex for the first time with a new partner.

How do you feel after a one-night stand?

Men: Satisfaction. Men are more than 3 times as likely as women to feel satisfied.

Women: Regret. Women are more than 2 times as likely to feel regret or shame.

Where did you meet your current partner?

14% of men and 11% of women met their current sex partners online—more than bars, parties, and dating services combined

60% of men surf the Net for porn (more than 75% of single men between 25 and 34). About 25% spend more than 3 hours a week doing it.

17% of women surf the Internet for porn; 11% spend more than 3 hours a week doing it. 32% of men and 14% of women have looked at porn at work.

Has technology helped or hindered your sex life?

59% of men and 52% of women with BlackBerrys, PDAs, or cell phones say these devices have enhanced (rather than infringed on) their sex lives. 34% of men and 29% of women say they've used the devices to instigate sex.

Republicans use text messaging to initiate sex more often than Democrats.

On average, how much time per week do you spend surfing the Net for porn?,

Men: 2.6 hours

Women: 1.5 hours

Have you slept with someone in hopes of professional gain?


Yes, and it worked 6%

Yes, but it didn't work 3%

No 92%


Yes, and it worked 2%

Yes, but it didn't work 2%

No 96%

12% of men and 7% of women have answered a work call or e-mail during sex.

How loyal are you?

80% of women say they're in a monogamous relationship, while only 66% of men say they are.
Have you cheated?

49% of men say it's conceiv¬able that they will cheat on their partners (or already have) compared with 34% of women; for married men it's 47% and married women 35%.

Trimmed or waxed but not bare: 55%;

completely absent: 24%;

all natural: 22%

What women actually do:
Women in their 20s:

66% trimmed or waxed but not bare, 18% bare, 16% all natural

Women in their 30s:

64% trimmed or waxed but not bare, 25% all natural, 11% bare

Women in their 40s:

50% trimmed or waxed but not bare, 45% all natural, 5% bare

What women want men to do:

Trim: 50%

Go all natural: 45%,

Take it all off: 4%

What men actually do:

Go all natural: 55%

Trim: 40%

Take it all off: 4%

Republicans prefer their partners' pubic hair to be all natural, while Democrats prefer a trim.

What do you consider off-limits for your partner?


Having sex with a prostitute 84%

Exchanging sexually charged e-mails 63%

Massage with a happy ending 56%

Flirting 49%

Getting a lap dance 37%

Going to a strip club 31%

Looking at porn 20%


Having sex with a prostitute 97%

Exchanging sexually charged e-mails 83%

Massage with a happy ending 77%

Flirting 59%

Getting a lap dance 59%

Going to a strip club 43%

Looking at porn 28%

The most powerful aphrodisiac is


looks 38%

Wealth 5%

Power 4%

Wit 11%

Intelligence 17%

Kindness 26%


looks 17%

Wealth 2%

Power 6%

Wit 15%

Intelligence 18%

Kindness 43%

Looks are most important to women in their 20s and least important to women in their 40s. Intelligence in a partner is least important to married women and women who earn $100,000 or more. Meanwhile, men who earn more than $100,000 care more about partners' looks than poorer men.

Methodology: This survey was conducted exclusively for Esquire and Marie Claire magazines by Beta Research Corporation, an independent firm located in Syosset, New York. The 1,738 respondents were randomly selected and are a representative national sample of American men and women ages 21 to 49. They completed the online survey between October 24, 2006, and November 1, 2006. Because of rounding, some percentages may not add up to 100.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


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Hello Lovelies,

We couldn't be more thrilled to bring you our 1st Annual Valentine's Day Kissing Contest. What's that you say? Read on for how to enter and how you and your sweetie could win $250 worth of sexy treats. What are you waiting for? Send us your smooch! Spread the love!

Calling all shutterbugs!
This Valentine’s Day BE pays tribute to the flirty, frisky allure of photo booths with our 1st annual Kissing Contest.

Simply snap a digital photo of you and your sweetheart in a romantic photo booth style smooch. Then submit your passionate pucker by logging in to the Kissing Contest page. You and your sweetie share your romantic moment on BE’s Photo Booth page where BE’s Proprietress, along with Loveology University’s Dr. Ava Cadell, will personally select the photo that best captures our Valentine’s Day credo: BE ROMANTIC.

One lucky winner will receive a gift box of erotic treats (valued at $250) from some of our favorite romance kindling partners, including Shunga Erotic, PINK, and Big Teaze Toys. Oh! And we’ll send the first 50 contestants a complimentary tin of HINT MINTs to insure a Valentine’s Day minty fresh smooch!

BE Romantic. Send us your smooch now.

FREE Stuff!

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Just in time for Valentine's Day! Subscribe to our newsletter between January 13th - January 30th, 2007 and you'll be automatically entered to win a FREE SEXY TREAT from Boudoir Essentials. Go to our home page and look for BE Informed in the bottom left corner.

PLUS, when you confirm your subscription, you'll receive a discount code for 10% off your next order.

Spread the love!


Must be 18 years old to enter. Winner randomly drawn from new names subscribed between the above dates.