Friday, December 29, 2006

Buzzing in the New Year

At BE we often ask, “Who do you want to BE?” And as 2006 slips away into a hazy holiday cocktail party memory, we’re now asking “What kind of New Year do you want to have?” Naturally BE has some sexy thoughts on the subject to get your creative juices flowing! Come New Year’s Eve, whether you’re cuddled up in a romantic private party for two, dancing the night away with your special someone, or quietly ushering in a new era wearing your favorite jammies, we offer these ideas from BE’s shopping categories to help buzz in the New Year right!

BE SensualShunga’s Chocolate Body Paint pairs nicely with a bottle of chilled champagne! Set your artistic side free with this stunningly beautiful bottle of chocolate body paint. Write a love story on your partner’s body using the rubber quill paintbrush, and enjoy dessert together! This is our favorite product from the Shunga Erotic Art line.

And everyone knows that scrambled eggs and
Mimosas are a must on New Year’s Day. This year add something to your menu from Doc Johnson’s Cocktail collection. Flavored lubricants in all your favorite cocktail recipes, without that nasty post-cocktail headache!

BE Indulgent – Resolve to love yourself! Try the pretty little Maia, the gorgeous Nea, or the stylish Little Chroma. Keep them all to yourself or share them with just the right someone. Each of these massagers are designed to fit comfortably in a woman’s hand as well as resemble a beautiful objects d’art sitting on your nightstand. From the budget conscious to the big spending SavvyMiss, one of these beauties should find a new home with you! Shhh, you’re the only one who has to know that you’re keeping that love thyself resolution.

BE Daring – Wearing the Astrea Vibrating Panty will have you both shouting Happy New Year well before midnight. From Dr. Laura Berman's line of intimate products, a fabulous remote control vibrating panty that provides hands free stimulation. This designer panty with beautiful stretch lace is comfortable and sexy - the mini-remote is compact and removable - and the panty is washable. The remote allows you to receive hands-free stimulation, which is perfect for when you want to have some discreet sexy fun. Your partner will love having the remote control to surprise you when you are least expecting it. (12 ft. range)

BE a Mermaid – Splish-splash in a luxurious bath with these water-friendly toys. The Vibrating Bath Scrunchie is the little micro-vibe that will scrub-a-dub-dub you all over! Ingenious idea for shower and bath time by yourself, or with a partner. Best of all, it will never call attention to itself while hanging gently in your shower. It’s simple, completely incognito, and will work you into a lather!

Or play with the
I Rub My Penguin. He has 8 Play Modes, including multiple speed and pulse pattern combinations to meet your different massage needs. His curved body makes him easy to hold and to choose the depth and girth that is most desirable for you! Your friendly Penguin also comes with his own decorative Iceberg Display Stand that sits on countertops or attaches to the shower wall (with included suction cups), so your new best friend is always nearby and ready to play! We’re pretty sure you’ll have more than just “happy feet”!

BE Generous – Create some good New Year’s karma and send your friends BE e-Gift Certificates.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

E-Gift Certificates! Safe & Easy!

Rumor has it that holiday Grinches are giving shoppers the heebie-jeebies about buying gift cards and gift certificates. Apparently the aforementioned Grinches have found a way to copy code numbers from gift cards hanging on in-store racks, and then using those codes to help themselves to everything they can get their grubby little hands on.

Boudoir Essentials does offer
Gift Certificates for your shopping convenience, and we assure you with 110% confidence that it would be impossible for anyone other than the gift recipient to put it to good use. Why are we different? Well, being an online retailer, each BE Gift Certificate generates a unique code that lives only in our secure database. The Gift Certificate is emailed to your giftee and the only record of that unique code in the "real world" is on their e-certificate sent to their email account.

Best of all, e-Gift Certificates are an ideal solution if you have any concerns about the UPS sleigh delivering your gift in time! You may order an e-Gift Certificate 24/7!!

So if you choose to BE Generous this holiday season and purchase a BE Gift Certificate for your special someone, BFF, or everyone in your Mommy & Me club - BE confident that it will be Grinch-proof! You have our BE word on it!

One special shopping tip: If you were hoping to hand-deliver the gift certificate to your giftee but have missed shipping deadlines for a printable version - no need to panic. We recommend emailing the standard e-Gift Certificate to *yourself*and *printing it out for your giftee.* Voila! Crisis averted!

Visit BE Generous to order your gift certificate now!

Chick Chatting Live!

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