Monday, November 27, 2006

Pole Dancing & Mistletoe

Once your turkey tryptophan hangover has subsided, and the dessert-sugar-crash-burn cycle has passed, we think it's time to start burning off the extra calories to make way for the next four weeks of holiday feeding frenzy.

Come on now - get off the couch and have a little fun with your workout regimen. Frankly, we don't want to go to the gym either; and yes, we're aware that if it's too cold for man's best friend to go outside when it's necessary, then we're not going to advocate long wintery walks across the frozen tundra of your neighborhood.

But we will heartily embrace pole dancing for a little heart racing exercise. Mmm hmmm. We said pole dancing. Right in the privacy of your own boudoir, den, or living room. Hey! Why not take the Peekaboo Pole (portable) and put it right under the mistletoe? Okay, that might be stretching it but you get the picture.

Who says exercise is dull and boring? Not us! Dim the lights, cue the music, and we guarantee yours won't be the only elevated heart rate in the room!

You can find this in BE Daring.


Anonymous said...

Best bachelor party gift ever.

Anonymous said...

This store is simply fabulous! I purchased a peek-a-boo 'poledancing' kit from Boudoir Essentials and I must say -- everyone needs one of these in their livingroom! My husband digs it (and occassionally swings around it!), and my 3 year old son now wants to BE a fireman!