Sunday, November 12, 2006

Planes, Trains, &'s Home for the Holidays

Over the river and through the your inlaws house you go!
Or your childhood bedroom.
Or a hotel up the road because you prefer a real bed to a sofa.
Wherever your holiday travels take you, we certainly hope you won't be leaving your normally sexy self at home. Think of all the fun you'll have trying to keep things quiet after everyone has retired to their quarters for the evening. ;) And let's not overlook the rejuvenating benefits of sex - coupled or solo - under stressful conditions like the holiday hustle & bustle.

So why not take a travel friend toy with you? No need to travel with the heavy artillery when a little nugget of fun will suffice! We have some suggestions that will go unnoticed in airline inspections - altho' when possible we recommend you stow your goodies in your checked baggage and remove the batteries! And if your nosey relatives (as much as you love them) stumble onto these trinkets, they won't be any more the wiser either!

BE Incognito for some travel-friendly toys:
Fukuoku 9000
Lipstick Vibe
Carry-on if you want to keep your secret in its own hush-hush accommodations
Last but not least...throw some
Afterglow dual-purpose wipes in your carry-on bag to refresh after a long flight or car ride, of course clean your toy without having to carry liquid cleanser with you - or explain what it is that you're cleaning! It may look like winter outside but you and your toy will be springtime fresh!

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