Friday, November 03, 2006


Fashion is fickle. One season it's dark rinse flare leg jeans, the next it's black denim pencil legs. One season it's perfectly flat-ironed stick straight hair, the next it's relaxed curls with a just rolled out of bed nonchalance. And the same goes for the hair down is fickle!

Some of us trim, some of us wax to a high gloss sheen, and some laser all but the smallest landing strip. And now you can easily add two more options to your pubic primping menu, thanks to Just Kittyng and betty-color for the hair down there.

With Just Kittyng shaping stencils you can shape your "carpeting" into an arrow (even tho' we know how men hate to ask for directions!) or a whimsical heart (gives new meaning to heart shaped box, no?) With betty-color for the hair down there, you can go from blonde to blonder, brunette to raven black, or a hot pink that will surely get a party started.

And how about this for a power packed primping protocol - shape & color combo for the carpeting...just like a cut & color for the drapes. If ya know what I mean. Pink heart anyone? Blonde arrow to light the way? Hmmmm you may want to reconsider that wax appointment!
Essentially Yours,

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