Saturday, October 28, 2006

O Buzzes About *the* O

A customer called recently with a request to find a vibrator, or dildo, that would approximate her husband's penis size. Apparently she was experiencing some pain during intercourse and her physician recommended some practice sessions using a home made dildo out of bee's wax to mirror her husband. (I've never heard of that....have you? Please post if you have any information on this...we would all love to hear the ins & to speak. )

Anyway, since her M.D. said 'get thee a dildo' - strictly for medical purposes - she decided to kick it up a notch and at least have some fun with her medical rehab. Hence, the decision to try a sex toy.

This all got me thinking about how many women aren't comfortable with buying toys. Maybe they think it will be a negative commentary on their character; or that toys are pornographic; or that they're interested but don't want to purchase something in such a public arena. As Hilda Hutcherson, MD. points out in the June '06 issue of O Magazine, "When I write a prescription (for a sex toy), I'm giving a woman permission from a doctor. And some of us need that. Ten percent of the sexually active female population have never had an orgasm, and God knows how many women have trouble climaxing with a partner. I prescribe a vibrator for use during intercourse. Toys give you control and provide extra stimulation."

She adds, "Toys can put the oomph back into long-term relationships, so you start releasing those hormones that actually do keep couples close. And if you don't have a steady partner, they help your body remember how to respond. Or if you're menopausal - and not sexually active or taking estrogen - they keep the blood flowing through those vessels."

Need more permission? Hilda continues with this,"You've got to prevent your vagina from shrinking and getting dry - a dildo is fantastic for that."

So whether you're new to sex toys or you're looking for a new addition to well-used bedside collection, consider Dr. Hutcherson's thoughts and prescribe some good ol' fashioned healthy sexuality for yourself!

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