Thursday, October 19, 2006

Give That Man a Hand!

A few weeks ago I heard from a male customer who had never used a masturbation sleeve of any kind. So when he recently tried one - the Beaded Stroke Master since we're sharing - I really thought he was going to tell me he hated it. That he preferred his hand and nothing could change that.

Okay, so color me wrong!

In what I like to call a power IM session, he gave me a full report of his experience with the Beaded Stroke Master. And if you're in the market for a sleeve of your own, you may want to consider his review.

First, he said it was a totally different orgasm than he was accustomed to while self-pleasuring. The reason? The little beads on the inside provided a consistent friction to the sensitive underside of the shaft. Result? Excellent orgasm!

Second, it's a jelly toy so it requires a fair amount of lube to create the amount of slip-n-slide you're after and he liked being able to control that part of it, too.

The only criticism he noted was that he was occassionally worried that the little balls on the inside (the sleeve's-not his!) would fly out...but since they didn't...the stroke master found a new friend. And my friend is a very happy guy! (You can find this item at BE for Men on

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Jarvis Fernley said...

Sounds pretty good! It will be easier to hide in my closet than my "Linda Lovelace Inflatable Woman With Three Love Holes and a Vibrating Pussy" which I bought in 1979 for $59.95 plus tax (batteries not included) at Frenchy's in San Francisco. I'll see you soon! Cheers!