Saturday, October 28, 2006

O Buzzes About *the* O

A customer called recently with a request to find a vibrator, or dildo, that would approximate her husband's penis size. Apparently she was experiencing some pain during intercourse and her physician recommended some practice sessions using a home made dildo out of bee's wax to mirror her husband. (I've never heard of that....have you? Please post if you have any information on this...we would all love to hear the ins & to speak. )

Anyway, since her M.D. said 'get thee a dildo' - strictly for medical purposes - she decided to kick it up a notch and at least have some fun with her medical rehab. Hence, the decision to try a sex toy.

This all got me thinking about how many women aren't comfortable with buying toys. Maybe they think it will be a negative commentary on their character; or that toys are pornographic; or that they're interested but don't want to purchase something in such a public arena. As Hilda Hutcherson, MD. points out in the June '06 issue of O Magazine, "When I write a prescription (for a sex toy), I'm giving a woman permission from a doctor. And some of us need that. Ten percent of the sexually active female population have never had an orgasm, and God knows how many women have trouble climaxing with a partner. I prescribe a vibrator for use during intercourse. Toys give you control and provide extra stimulation."

She adds, "Toys can put the oomph back into long-term relationships, so you start releasing those hormones that actually do keep couples close. And if you don't have a steady partner, they help your body remember how to respond. Or if you're menopausal - and not sexually active or taking estrogen - they keep the blood flowing through those vessels."

Need more permission? Hilda continues with this,"You've got to prevent your vagina from shrinking and getting dry - a dildo is fantastic for that."

So whether you're new to sex toys or you're looking for a new addition to well-used bedside collection, consider Dr. Hutcherson's thoughts and prescribe some good ol' fashioned healthy sexuality for yourself!

BE carries many of the products mentioned in her article:
Rabbit Habit
Fukuoku 9000
G-Spot Vibrator
Strawberry Cheesecake Flavored Lubricant
Pocket Rocket (we also like the Natural Contours Jolie)
Remote Control Panties
Shunga Erotic Geisha's Secrets (similar to the honey dust product mentioned)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sexy Girl to the Rescue

So there I was throwing coffee grinds down the garbage disposal, only half-awake and the pooch needing a walk, when I heard it. The unmistakeable sound of this ol' disposal grinding to a halt. Thankfully my plumber lives around the corner and came to my rescue.

No, I would not describe him as the Sexy Girl in this post's title. But he spotted a bottle of Sexy Girl Romance Mist among some of the other BE products. I gave Mr. Plumber Man a little spritz so he could smell it, and then he did the most lovely thing.

He said he wanted to buy a bottle right then and there for his long-time partner who suffers from bipolar disorder. It wasn't that he was trying to get a leg up, so to speak, in the bedroom. He just wanted to spray some Sexy Girl on his sexy girl's pillow that night so that she would be reminded - in one of her darker moments - that she was still sexy in his eyes no matter how hard things got for her.

Obviously mental illness is not something to take lightly or joke about. I just thought it was remarkable that someone who doesn't really know me at all would share something so private about his life with his beloved. It's so much easier in our society to talk about the ins & outs of sex: how to do it better, who to do it with, improving technique...but so much more difficult to talk about the dark corners in our lives that are so difficult to share with other humans. And on that day I felt honored that someone shared something real with me, and that I could help by lending an ear and sharing a little aromatherapy rescue into the mix.

I'd like to think they'll live happily ever after, but I think just living and being there for each other is an amazing accomplishment! This is a shout out to Mr. Plumber Man & his sweetheart, an original Sexy Girl.

Give That Man a Hand!

A few weeks ago I heard from a male customer who had never used a masturbation sleeve of any kind. So when he recently tried one - the Beaded Stroke Master since we're sharing - I really thought he was going to tell me he hated it. That he preferred his hand and nothing could change that.

Okay, so color me wrong!

In what I like to call a power IM session, he gave me a full report of his experience with the Beaded Stroke Master. And if you're in the market for a sleeve of your own, you may want to consider his review.

First, he said it was a totally different orgasm than he was accustomed to while self-pleasuring. The reason? The little beads on the inside provided a consistent friction to the sensitive underside of the shaft. Result? Excellent orgasm!

Second, it's a jelly toy so it requires a fair amount of lube to create the amount of slip-n-slide you're after and he liked being able to control that part of it, too.

The only criticism he noted was that he was occassionally worried that the little balls on the inside (the sleeve's-not his!) would fly out...but since they didn't...the stroke master found a new friend. And my friend is a very happy guy! (You can find this item at BE for Men on

Slippery When Wet

To lube or not to lube...a frequent question from many of our customers...followed by a range of questions trying to determine which lube will fill all your slippery requirements.

There's a lot of great information out there about properly lubricating, and since it is one of the foundations of great sex, here are a few thoughts to help guide you through your choices.

First, even if you are a woman who easily lubricates when aroused, your body and the environment will conspire against you at some point.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you ever noticed that a few cocktails leave you a little less moist?
  • Or that your allergy meds did a great job drying up your sinus membranes, and then did some work on all your other mucous membranes as well?
  • How about pregnancy and menopause? They're just normal parts of life that can also effect your self-lubrication. There's no need to accept that as "just the way it is."
  • Enjoy anal sex? Don't even think about playing back there without lube.
  • Just hoping to create a different sensation?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to invest in a good lube!

BE currently carries three different lubricants. Here's how they break down:

  • PINK (silicone based)- The advantage to silicone based lubes is that they last forever and you really only need a few drops to achieve your desired results. Sure, they cost a little more per bottle than some of the brands you're used to seeing at your local drugstore, but they last forever!

    Bonus points! Silicone lubes are thicker than water-based or non-glycerin water-based lubes which means they're a good choice for anal play! And they can be used for all your underwater adventures! Downside? Since they are waterproof they're a bit harder to clean from fabric, but easily rinse off of body parts.
  • System JO H20 Personal Lubricant for Women - There is 0% oil, wax, or silicone in this lube. It feels lighter than the more gloppy, thicker lubes you may have tried. As with PINK, you may pay a little more for this terrific lube than you might for something in a messy tube you've seen at the drugstore, but just like spending a little extra on shampoo - if you try a more premium lube and we think you'll be glad you did.
  • Bonus points! If you're prone to yeast infections this is a safe bet!
  • O'My Flavored Lubricant - Give yourself a little taste treat. Flavored lubes used to taste medicinal if not absolutely chemical. Some still do! But this line is really appealing if you're just looking to add some fun into the mix. Sort of like adding candy to your already sweet oral pleasure.

    Bonus points! No sugar in these if you're concerned with keeping your sugar intake to a minimum.

As always, we want to hear from you. Please let us know if there are specific brands you're interested in purchasing from BE. We'll be happy to get you exactly what you need, and add it to our mix. And of course feel free to post or email with any questions or comments you have about your adventures in lube! Find all of the above in BE Prepared at

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Penny For Your Thoughts

Calling all BE fans!

Whisper sweet nothings in our ear and tell us how much you're enjoying your sexy new toys.

Have a favorite? We want to know!

Have a special product request? Tell us!

Have a question or two? Ask away and let the BE community weigh in with answers, suggestions, and personal experiences.

Ready, set, vibrate!