Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hi Honey! How about a little...

Birds do it - bees do it - oh come on now! Everyone does it! Granted, not everyone has added sex toys into their repetoire but that doesn't mean they haven't thought about it.

Okay then, how can you be sure your partner has thought about it?

Ask! Hint! Suggest! Simply tease the subject into your otherwise routine conversation. You're probably already comfortable talking about any number of subjects so this can be an exercise in stretching those great relationship communication skills you've already developed. Rest assured there is no shame in admitting to what you're curious about.

Author Violet Blue has a slew of great conversation starters - and approaches - in her book "The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Sex Toys." As she so astutely points out, sex toys are not only for solo play and use between couples is not a sign that things have gone south in the bedroom. Nor are toys a sign that someone's not holding up their end of things, or that one or both of you is deviant for wanting to explore new territory. Communication, playing, and exploring are all part of a great relationship. And introducing a shiny new toy may turn a little sexy spark into a big bedroom bonfire!

"The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Sex Toys" is available in the BE Sexpert aisle at www.BoudoirEssentials.com.

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